There are people who feel the need to appear so strongly, to flaunt what they are not or do not have, that they end up getting lost. When you let yourself be seduced by the temptations of the ego and vanity, you are off on a one-way trip. There are many who live on deceptions, big and small lies that make you lose the sense of reality. As time goes by, it will become increasingly difficult to be yourself.
And so a whole series of illusions, of red herrings, is posted on social networks, hoping to "impress", to shine. It pretends a courage that you do not have, a happiness that you do not feel, a strength that you do not have. The competition to look the best keeps you trapped and no one realizes that they are actually all defeated already.
We publish photos after photos, manipulated, retouched, we want to show perfect, we seek approval. The race for likes changes and distorts the connotations. The profiles are so perfect, the people so happy, the photos so beautiful, the food so tasty, the selfies so successful, the chicest parties, the most smiling friends, the families all so clean, the jobs so powerful.
Marvelous novels of travels, memories, the most expensive clothes: the best life possible!
Eventually all this becomes a kind of addiction and we tend to exaggerate more and more.
It is sad to note that a person's level of happiness, achievement and success currently depends on the number of hearts and likes on their profile. And let's not forget that they often come from complete strangers that we will probably never meet!
It is sad to note that these behaviors, in addition to deceiving many, create discomfort and frustration in many others. This false prosperity that is often seen in the life of others, one tries to materialize it also in one's own without succeeding.
But life isn't perfection, it can't be, and everyone should know that.
Social networks bring to light a scary envy among people. All those with the fake good life, are amazed at how widespread it is and yet they themselves with their attitude cause it to spread. That's what they want: to be envied.
But if you feel the need to change who you are, to hide your truths to adapt them to the world, you are not choosing an easier path to happiness. This is not how one becomes better, happy, accepted and loved. When you try to look great on something you haven't built, the downfall is certain and the smallness will one day come to the surface. It is the soul that should be big and happy and not that photo retouched on social networks.
Only the truth should be shown, even if it doesn't ennoble you, even if it doesn't make you immense and it doesn't put you on a stage. Even if it doesn't bring you applause.
Only the soul can be noble, great, clean, serene. Our true image is the only thing we should show.