Too often we honor bravado, arrogance, and those who exercise force. Too often we excuse those who build their lives on the broken dreams of other human beings. But one thing is clear: violence generates violence, repression generates retaliation and only the cleansing of our whole society can eradicate this evil from our soul. When you teach a man to hate, to be afraid of his brother, when you teach that a man has less value because of the color of his skin or his ideas or the politics he follows, when you teach that who is different from you threatens your freedom or your job or your home or your family, then you learn to face the other not as a traveling companion but as an enemy, to be dealt with not with collaboration but with conquest. To subjugate and subdue it. We learn, in essence, to look at our brothers as aliens. Alien men with whom we share a city but not a community. Men linked to us by a common home but not by a common commitment. We learn to share only a common fear, only a common desire to distance ourselves from each other, only a common impulse to react to the contrast with force. Our life on this planet is too short, the work to be done is too vast, for this spirit to thrive in our nation for long. It is evident that we cannot ban it with a program or with a resolution, but we can perhaps remember, once again and again, that those who live with us are our brothers who share the same short span of life with us, who seek how we do, only the possibility of living one's life with a purpose by pursuing happiness and gaining the fulfillment and satisfaction that they can. Surely the bond of a destiny that unites us, the bond of purposes that unite us, can begin to teach us something. Surely we can learn, at least, to look at those around us, our neighbor, and we can begin to work with greater commitment to heal our wounds and to return to being brothers and companions in the heart.

(Robert Kennedy)