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To guarantee the authenticity of the limited edition works of art, the Hahnemühle Certificate of Authenticity is used, designed to prevent the risk of counterfeiting. Each certificate consists of a precious sheet of watermarked paper with the Hahnemühle logo and a pair of adhesive holograms. Certificates are produced in compliance with the standards and regulations of Europay and Clearstream, world leaders against counterfeiting. The security features in this system are both visible and invisible such as unique serial number, graphic relief pattern, watermark and 

UV-sensitive fibers. On each Certificate of Authenticity all the peculiar characteristics of the work and the related print are reported and a hologram is applied. At this point the certificate is  countersigned   by both the author and the printer. The second hologram, identical to the one applied on the Certificate of Authenticity, is applied on the back of the print. The combination of certificate and hologram ensures that each Certificate of Authenticity is unique to each work.