In December 2015, when I was still not doing this photographic genre, I forgot my Canon 5DMkII under the seat, getting off the train in a hurry and I couldn't find it anymore. I experienced the loss of the camera as a real tragedy because I didn't have the money to buy another one. After four "very long" months, I managed to get together around 350 euros to buy a new Fujifilm X30. I wasn't very excited about it but I couldn't afford anything else. I was like I getting off a Ferrari to drive a Fiat 500. If I hadn't lost my Canon, I would never have bought it. Luckily I underestimated little Fuji. Thanks to its extremely compact dimensions, combined with a respectable image quality, considering the size of its sensor, we became truly inseparable and I began secretly photographing people traveling on the same train car. Often, commuters like me.

The doubt: was it the Station itself that swallowed my 5D Mark II, to push me towards Street Photography?