In this video shot in 2005, which I found by chance and whose existence I absolutely did not remember, I sing (scream) a song I wrote a few years earlier. Have fun!


by Roberto Di Patrizi

There is her that is constantly
kicking my mind
and I don't tell her anything

because she really suffers
and turns her thoughts
in light confetti

it is always her who prudently
says "I adore you
but you are no longer my future"

and I would like

to tell her that she is wrong and this surpise me
she does't notice that she is carrying me between her eyelashes
she says "enough, let's not talk anymore"and she undresses

Who am I to you my love
the ghost of a regret
the chains to a broken heart

yes I know that I was wrong too
giving substance to your suspicion
denying a feeling

that by itself was enough
to make those sails unfold in the sky
warming my every sad thought
if returning to port I felt alone

You know I'll stay if you want it
but you have to believe in it instinctively
just staring my eyes

you'll know it's only you that I want in the world
you'll know if it's only me you want in the world
I'll know if it's only me you want in the world

I would like to delete everything
I did wrong
make my past disappear

yes I know you told me
you couldn't forgive
I don't deserve your love

but I would like you to see
all the sunshine in my heart
two hours would be enough to warm us up
and be your refuge when it rains

You know I'll stay if you want it...