March 19, 2019
Speaking of Father's Day: being young is the best thing that can happen to you if you know how to take advantage of the opportunity. The watchword is: Rebellion! Question every element of your life. Ask yourself the reason for each rule, understand its usefulness and thoroughly evaluate who created it. Because what "adults" call "unconsciousness" is that irrepressible force, the only one, which can really turn the table. Does experience teach? Not at all! Experience often makes you fearful, bends your legs and forces you to survive.
I have been young too and I was a true iconoclast, a runaway horse, a bull in the arena. But I didn't accept the idea of ​​being slaughterhouse fodder. I wanted the Revolution. How I envied the children of Decadentism, of Scapigliatura, La Bohème ... but I would have been satisfied with living at least 1968 as an activist student! But nothing, I was too young in those days. I went through my adolescence in the 1980s, during the economic boom, from which we have been bought, all of us, or almost. But who is a rebel, will always be, even wearing timberlands boots and  a Ciesse duvet, even riding  a Vespa. I had it painted pink! But, even if it went against the trend for that period (the pink Vespa was for a "fagot"), as a battle cry, it was a bit scarce. Something truly revolutionary was needed. And finally, several years later, the flash of genius! Becoming a father! Actively contribute starting from the real beginning, following your own beliefs, based on what you really believe in, to inject new lives into the social fabric that, perhaps, one day could make the difference.

"Your children are not yours. They are the sons and daughters of life itself. You bring them into the world but you do not create them. You can give home to their body but not to their soul, because their soul lives in the house of future, where you are not allowed to enter. You can try to look like them but don't want them to look like you. Because life does not come back, and it does not stop in yesterday. You are the bow that launches the children towards tomorrow ".

I read this short text on a sort of poster stuck with scotch tape on the wall of the waiting room, in the Ladispoli clinic, when I was very young. These are Kahlil Gibran's thoughts, and I know them by heart. They really changed my life, forever. Because Father's Day, as far as I'm concerned, is children's day. Happy father's day Elodie! Happy father's day Fey!