December 25, 2020

I don't love Christmas. I've always lived it as an obligation. At least this was the feeling that came to me when, as a child, I went with my parents to the "annual gathering" of the family, imposed by my grandfather. When he died, the family meetings ended. For many people Christmas is more of a tradition, it is an opportunity to meet. But those who want to be together need no excuse to do so. I am not religious, as my parents were not and, more generally, none of the family. I consider religions a weapon to manipulate the crowd. Religions are welcome when they teach us not to kill, not to steal and not to envy others. But I find them reprehensible when they would like to prevent two homosexuals from loving each other and living happily ever after. Unacceptable if they trample on the dignity and rights of women. Abominable when massacres are carried out in the name of them.
Being together, looking into each other's eyes while talking, hugging, kissing remain the most beautiful things, when there is the desire to do so. Although I'm a man who prefers a large number of trees to a large number of people. Once the pandemic is over, there will still be time to get together. But now, loving each other means defending ourselves from the virus. We shouldn't need to undergo mass manipulation to do this. Common sense would be ehough. Even in the doubt that there is no invisible enemy.