Born in 1964, I have started photography in October 2010, when my wife gave me a camera as a gift for my birthday. But I always shyly loved it even though I was born as a musician, I played guitar in bars and performed as a street singer. I played a lot, without a real project, experiencing many different works, until, at the age of 35, I started working in a TV channel, firstly as a musical entertainer, then as a broadcast technician and later as a sound engineer. Here I also came in touch with computer graphics and I really fell  in love with it! This work experience lasted 13 years. Then I enrolled in a master’s degree for 3D Artist, which provided me rudiments of photography, even with practical sessions. After the master I wanted to deepen the theme following a photography course. To get here I took the roundabout. I've never liked shortcuts. Often, the beauty of a trip is not only the location to be reached, but also and above all the road you take to get there.


Monochrome Photography Awards 2019: 

Honorable Mention in Street Photography (amateur)

MonoVision Photography Awards 2020:

Honorable Mention in Street Photography Series

WPE International Photograpers Awards - 2019 Annual Final Competition: Silver Award - Street Photography


Dec 2019: Winner of "City Vibes" 

Nov 2019: Winner of "Candid portraits" 

MonoVision Photography Awards 2019:

Honorable Mention in Street Photography Series

July 18/september 15, 2019:

Exhibit at the Porec Museum (Croatia) with my portfolio selected from URBAN 2019 Photo Awards. My project was chosen by Museum’s director and URBAN Juror Elena Uljančić.

Feb 2020: Winner of Guru's Top Pick - "Hellos and Goodbyes" 

Jan 2020: Winner of Guru's Top Pick - "Faceless Portraits"

Dec 2019: Winner of Guru's Top Pick - "Serious People" 

Jun 2019: Winner of Guru's Top Pick - "Walking People"

Prix de la Photographie de Paris 2019:

Gold Prize Winner of Book/People category (Non- Professionals)

BalticTRIO Photo Open 2018:

Absolute Winner