Roberto Di Patrizi started photography in October 2010, when his wife gave him a camera in his birthday. But he always shyly loves it. Even though he was born as a musician, he did guitar bar, as well as the street artist. He played a lot, without a goal, until when, at 35, he started working, first as a broadcast technician and later as a sound engineer, in a television station, where he also dealt with graphics and another great love blossomed: the CGI. This work experience lasted 13 years. Then he enrolled in a master’s degree for 3D Artist, which provided him rudiments of photography, even with practical sessions. After the master he wanted to deepen following a professional photography course. He believes, everyone has his monsters to fight with and he needs to learn something new every day, to go to sleep peaceful. He thinks taking photos is a way to turn time around and secretly caress eternity.


BalticTRIO Photo Open 2018:

Absolute Winner

Prix de la Photographie de Paris 2019:

Gold Prize Winner of Book/People category (Non- Professionals)


Guru's Top Pick on "Walking People" challenge Jun 2019 

Guru's Top Pick on "Serious People" challenge Dec 2019

Guru's Top Pick on "Faceless Portraits" challen. Jan 2020

July 18/september 15, 2019:

Exhibit at the Porec Museum (Croatia) with my portfolio selected from URBAN 2019 Photo Awards. My project was chosen by Museum’s director and URBAN Juror Elena Uljančić.

MonoVision Photography Awards 2019:

Honorable Mention in Street Photography Series


Winner of "Candid portraits" Nov 2019

Winner of "City Vibes" Dec 2019

WPE International Photograpers Awards - 2019 Annual Final Competition: Silver Award - Street Photography

Monochrome Photography Awards 2019: 

Honorable Mention in Street Photography (amateur)