I am a guest who comes to your wedding and takes photos.

No flashes, no gusts, no poses.

Only memories in black and white.


Wedding reportage consists of stealing spontaneous shots during the entire ceremony and celebrations. It is certainly more sober than the classic wedding photo shoot, and it is a valid alternative that is becoming more and more trendy. The typical wedding photos give way to a sequence of fresh, intimate images, which immortalize the true atmosphere of this unrepeatable moment. The bride and groom are never "kidnapped" by the photographer to create poses devoid of personality - or which in any case do not represent the personalities of the subjects - but they are free to enjoy their special day with relatives and friends. It is up to the sensibility of the wedding reporter to carefully observe the various dynamics of the Event to promptly "freeze" the most emotional moments of the day!

I would like to borrow the words of Hanya Yanagihara, a famous American writer who tells what a street photographer is (which I presume to be) and how this type of approach to photography can perfectly match that of the wedding reporter, in my opinion.

“If love belongs to the poet and fear belongs to the novelist, then loneliness belongs to the streepher. Being a street photographer means voluntarily entering a lonely world, because it is an artistic exercise of invisibility. This person, with his camera, does not hide but moves away. He voluntarily takes himself out of the wake of life. It turns into a constant witness, into someone who lives to see the lives of others, without getting noticed. Writing is often considered the most solitary profession but isolation should not be confused with loneliness: the former is a condition we choose, the latter is a condition we suffer. The writer creates a world of himself, and becomes its governor; the streepher moves through our world, seeking anonymity, hoping he will be able to humble himself enough to be able to see and record what for the rest of us (with our noisy paths, in our requests to be heard) is too much present to be able to see it. To practice this art you must first of all cancel yourself. "